We were born in forests, among the wildest breed of planet earth.

Our editors grew with yaks of upper Himalayas. So, they became rigid as mountains and immovable as gravity. Our marketing team was hired straight from the pack of wolves. They are bloodthirsty aggressive folk who show no mercy. The sketch artists and illustrators were roaming around like "the Indian drone of opening scene of Interstellar". They had no direction and motive, so we hired them, because they had already travelled a lot. Travelling gave them exposure! Our photographers are a bunch of lazy losers who would like to just "observe" the nature and never click a photograph. Our media relationships are so loose that we confuse them as our love-interests. They have a constant break-up and patch-up with us.

And authors! They are a thousand people trying to act as one. Hypocrite artists! They are confused about themselves so they try to write about someone else.

It happened once upon a time, when I, the arrogant, double-standard, judgmental and an underpaid genius met the Guru. He was the epitome of craziness, literally and figuratively. His face resembled an elephant -- The Divine Elephant. He listened to what I call the precursor of what you have just read in this obnoxious monologue.

Then he asked, "Do you know why elephants rule the forests?"

"No," I had nothing better to say. I was so lost in his thoughtful eyes.

"To quote Rudyard Kipling here, they are the wildest creatures who keep on moving, and making a path of their own. They are the ones who help the forest grow by eating them up again and again. They let the rivers flow peacefully by lifting up the stones. That's the rule of jungle, my boy. Craziness is the only asset which can take you places."

I noticed that his left tusk was broken.


"I think I know you."

He vanished in thin air while his last words kept on resonating through the forests, villages, cities and my mind.

Elephants are capable of true love. So, are humans.

Fight with your folk. Disagree with them. Don't believe the established notions of pseudo-humanity.

Question, analyse, argue, yell, shout, demand, liberate...



Help them write... 

You know it now.

We were born in forests, among the wildest breed of planet earth.






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